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153cm x 304cm

Collection of the Scottish Government

St Andrew’s House Edinburgh UK

‘Sizzle,’ was the unanimous choice of the Art Committee for a piece of work for the meeting lounge in St Andrews House, Edinburgh, home of the Scottish Executive.


Sizzle represents my vision of the new Scotland.


The piece embodies all that is good about our nation; the intensity of the people, our enthusiasm for life, the entrepreneurial fervour which exists in each and every Scot to create and invent. We are a small country with a big heart; a small country but one that has influence throughout the world because Scots have always gone forth and flourished.


The brightness and freshness of the colours is the opposite of the weather in which we Scots have to live and work daily. I love my country but the weather is, to put it mildly, somewhat inclement. In my choice of colours I portrayed what is in our hearts and minds, not what our weather is like. Thus, the work is composed of bold vivid oranges, purples, blues and greens not the dull dreich slate greys of a Scottish winter – or even summer!


The wall hanging is one of my larger works and called for many hours of intensive labour, hand dying the fabrics, machine embroidering, and slashing at the material to produce textural effects


September 11, 2017