Jilli Blackwood is a globally celebrated textile artist and designer who brings her unique Slash and Show style to the worlds of art and fashion.

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“An Introduction to…” is the first exclusive exhibition of art and craft at the HIGH store in Walton Street, London, SW3. Claire Campbell is the designer behind the exclusive fashion brand HIGH.    [caption id="attachment_4086" align="aligncenter" width="405"] The Collection[/caption]   Four artists and craftsmen have been invited to take part in this inaugural exhibition. HIGH are introducing the work of  Marthe Armitage who is an artisanal design company, producing exclusive, hand-printed wallpapers and coordinating

Collect returns to London’s Saatchi Gallery from 28 February - 3 March 2019. Collect is the only gallery-presented art fair dedicated to modern craft and design, and provides an opportunity to discover and invest in exceptional work produced in the last five years by living artists, much of which is made exclusively for the Fair. Collect will occupy the whole of the Saatchi Gallery for four days with 45 galleries - the largest number

European Craft Exhibition The venue chosen for the 2019 European Craft Exhibition was the Kuwait National Museum. The event was held during the 25th Qrain Cultural Festival and took place between the 15th and 20th of January. The exhibition was organised by the World Craft Council Asia Pacific Region (WCC-APR), in collaboration with The National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters (NCCAL) and hosted by the Government of Kuwait. Fifteen artists and

  I am delighted to announce that I have been chosen to represent Scotland and the United Kingdom at the prestigious European Craft Exhibition Kuwait. A total of eighteen countries will be participating in this Exhibition. Only one artist was chosen from each country as selected by the World Crafts Council (WCC) Europe Board Members. The selection process was based on the quality of work and skill and on an overall

'Studio conversations' with Sheila Mortlock. What I find surprising about being interviewed, is how different each article can turn out. The back story of an artist, always remains the same. Previous achievements on the C.V. are set in stone, they can’t change. So focusing too much on the past, this 'studio conversations' would appear as a repetition of other articles. Of course, an artist likes to remind the reader of their

Estila Magazine The August Edition of Estila Magazine features the work of textile artist and designer Jilli Blackwood. Karolina Barnes, Editor-in-Chief of Estila Magazine, manages to discover many interesting details not usually voiced by the artist. Estila Magazine’s enquiring questions brings forth how Jilli likes to dress while in her studio and when presenting herself to the outside world, what her background is and how she started in the field of