Jilli Blackwood is a globally celebrated textile artist and designer who brings her unique Slash and Show style to the worlds of art and fashion.

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Static Dynamic

Static Dynamic

“Static Dynamic” is an embroidered, hand-dyed, silk tapestry. This piece has been embroidered, unembroidered, slashed, dyed, overdyed, worked on and reworked on in order to achieve the perception of movement both on the surface and within the underlying texture.

This artwork is about rhythm and how it governs both our own bodies and the world. It is a visual expression of how we are connected to the natural rhythms of human life and of the Earth. Rhythm is the essential ingredient that dominates both human life and the planet on which we exist.

We breath in, we breath out. So simple, yet so vital. The rhythm of the breath is the key cycle of our lives. Rhythm is also in our thoughts, less obvious but also of major importance. We are anxious, we are calm. We all experience moments of high tension which drain us. Equally, there are periods of quiet reflection that sustain and nourish our body and soul.

In the world all around us there is an infinity of cycles. The levels of the oceans are in continual rise and fall, the winds come and go, and the day turns into night. The seasons shift into one another with unfailing regularity. Deciduous trees shed leaves in Autumn. Numerous birds species are migratory.

Thus, on our planet, if one looks beyond the static moment, all is continual motion. The tide is out, but it will come in. There is no wind but it will again blow. It is daylight but night will come. The trees are bare but the leaves will once again appear. The static and the dynamic. So mundane, yet so wonderful. My artwork reflects this. Superficially, it is static, but, to the perceptive eye, there is movement both on the surface and within.



Hand-dyed silk embroidered unpainted painting, wall hanging.


119cm x 153cm / 47" x 60"