Jilli Blackwood is a globally celebrated textile artist and designer who brings her unique Slash and Show style to the worlds of art and fashion.

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Exclusive Exhibition of Art and Craft

hand made embroidered beads

Exclusive Exhibition of Art and Craft

“An Introduction to…” is the first exclusive exhibition of art and craft at the HIGH store in Walton Street, London, SW3. Claire Campbell is the designer behind the exclusive fashion brand HIGH. 


Collection of hand made embroidered pieces for the exhibition at HIGH by Claire Campbell

The Collection


Four artists and craftsmen have been invited to take part in this inaugural exhibition. HIGH are introducing the work of  Marthe Armitage who is an artisanal design company, producing exclusive, hand-printed wallpapers and coordinating screen-printed fabrics from handmade linocuts. Polly Farquharson is a ceramist who explores the natural world through hand built ceramic forms and vessels, and Howard Sooley is a photographer and film maker well known for his films on gardens in particular the garden of Dixter.

Claire Campbell designs unique clothes with the focus on the cut and how fabric flows  across the body. Her attention to detailing on a piece is a work of art. To watch Claire at work is mesmerising. Videos of Claire at work can be found on her website HIGH Everyday Couture by Claire Campbell.


Jilli is hand embroidering the collection for the exclusive exhibition at HIGH by Claire Campell

Jilli at work hand embroidering


As to what I  should make for the show , “An Introduction to…” . I decided to have a bit of fun. Think about what I would like to have in my accessories wardrobe and life. and what brings me pleasure when I wear it, and perhaps it will bring pleasure to others too. 

I created a bead necklace for a friend as a gift at Christmas, made out of all the off cuts of fabric, silk and wool fibres left over from weaving and embroidery projects. I hate waste, so I have been quietly collecting all these fibres for years because I knew they had a purpose.


Exclusive exhibition Hand made embroidered beads made from a mixture of natural fibres

Embroidered bead collection


My collection of embroidered beads has been such a satisfying item to make. Each bead is an individual, set apart by its size, texture, fabric and the yarn mix. Each one feels totally unique and each bead feels like it has its own personality. I got rather carried away with this technique, and made a total of 6 hand strung neck pieces made up from a total of 240 handmade beads.

Other new work, which I have been making for “An Introduction to…” is on a more practical level. I am always loosing my glasses in the studio and this drives me mad. I refuse to wear my glasses around my neck on a nylon strap or gold chain. So I set to, to make my version of this very handy product. I love my embroidered tendril fabric and leather glass straps. I don’t feel like 102 years of age wearing my glasses around my neck anymore. These glass straps are a statement of colour and texture and adds to my outfits.


exclusive exhibition piece leather and silk textile straps for glasses

Leather and silk textile straps for glasses


This has been a prolific period of making.  The exclusive exhibition “An Introduction to…” at HIGH has inspired me to work as fast as possible. I just can’t stop making at the moment.

My last idea which I had to produce are my cashmere ribbons. I made one for myself last December and I find my cashmere ribbon to be such a helpful item in my wardrobe. The last touch when I am getting ready to go out. It sits well in my hair, adds a bit more ornamentation and the very nature of the natural fibres help the ribbon to stay on the hair. I love it.


exclusive exhibition an embroidered piece measuring 18cm x 17cm

One of my miniature embroideries from a collection of four


I will also be exhibiting three wall hangings; “Imperial”, “Happiness” and “Millennium Kilt No. 7”. This is the first time “Imperial” has been on display in the UK. Along with the larger works, I have created four miniature embroideries which measure 18 cm x 17cm. These embroidered works will be framed. It has been interesting to work on such a small scale and my mark making has had to be even more precise. These works feel precious.  

I look forward to updating my news page with images and stories from the exclusive exhibition “An Introduction to…” at HIGH on the 23rd of May 2019.