Jilli Blackwood is a globally celebrated textile artist and designer who brings her unique Slash and Show style to the worlds of art and fashion.

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“Nirvana” is a wall hanging and meditation blanket.

The place to which I return each morning of my life has no weather, texture, form, or colour. It exists only for a short period of time but is somewhere I can revisit no matter where I am in the World. It is always with me and within me.

Although I can’t touch it, see it, or smell it, this place is very real. It feels like nothing but it encompasses everything. It has no boundaries and infinite space. This place has healing properties. Within this place the mind and spirit are regenerated through the action of breathing in and breathing out.

My artwork is based on Yin and Yang, opposites yet complimentary. The out-breath is the opposite of the in-breath yet both are essential for life. Life is the creation of opposites: happy, sad, the beginning of life, the end of life. We stand still but our thoughts are in constant motion.

“Nirvana” is Yin and Yang. It is black and white, where black absorbs all colour and white is made up of all colour. The rhythmic motion on the surface of the work brings Yin and Yang together and completes the circle of life.

This artwork is the physical manifestation of how I respond to the place which I visit each morning to maintain my equilibrium, restore my energy and strengthen my will to fulfil the purpose I believe I was put on this earth for.



Embroidered silk hand-dyed unpainted painting.


133cm x 136cm / 52.5” x 53.5”