Jilli Blackwood is a globally celebrated textile artist and designer who brings her unique Slash and Show style to the worlds of art and fashion.

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Studio conversations…….

Studio conversations…….

‘Studio conversations’ with Sheila Mortlock. What I find surprising about being interviewed, is how different each article can turn out. The back story of an artist, always remains the same. Previous achievements on the C.V. are set in stone, they can’t change. So focusing too much on the past, this ‘studio conversations’ would appear as a repetition of other articles. Of course, an artist likes to remind the reader of their accolades. And what has come before, does have a bearing on an artist’s development, and helps to explain their way forward. The background also helps to give a rounded picture for the first time reader meeting a new artist.


Embroidered collar and embroidered kimono

Art to wear

The subtle differences really comes from the inquisitive questions from the interviewer. This helps to bring out other aspects of a creative life and how an artist thinks and feels. Further information on my practice can be found here: https://jilliblackwood.com/practice/


work bench

The Studio


I think, I felt relaxed talking with Sheila, so our studio conversations enabled me to reveal a little more about my studio practice, my days at Glasgow School of Art, my experimentation with oil paints, and the ideas I am exploring within my own time, for example; the redesign and repair of a late 19th Century Paisley shawl. 


Darning repair

Building up the repair to a 19th Century Paisley Shawl


Reading through the studio conversations, I realised how disciplined I am about my routine in the morning. I always feel great first thing and I put this down to the food I eat at breakfast. I am at my sharpest in the morning that’s when I tackle something that I think is going to be difficult and usually I speed through it. 

The morning is also a good time to review yesterday’s work and usually if I have been struggling or considering making a major change to a wall hanging design, the answer is as clear as day the following morning, as to how the piece should move forward and progress. Clarity of thought and clarity of mind, happens for me in the morning hours.

Sheila Mortlock has put together a very interesting, ‘Studio conversations’ and has married the article with some new images not seen before, unless you have attended one of my presentations.

Find this short interview here: https://sheilamortlock.co.uk/2018/10/02/studio-conversations-jilli-blackwood/